We have new Sound-Samples. Finaly crystal clear tunes :-) ! Below you’ll also find mixtracks- If you yourself made a cool mixtrack with the gomba, and you would like to present it here, drop us a line by mail and the track. Please listen to the soundsamples with a good quality soundsystem. With notebook-speakers the sound can appear rather rough. Thanks! Gomba-Samples: D-Minor: Scale D-Minor: Scale D-Minor, played with hands "D-Minor D-Minor, played with mallets D-Minor E-Minor: scale E-Minor: scale E-Minor, played with hands E-Minor E-Minor, played with mallets E-Minor Ahava Rabba: scale Ahava Rabba: scale Ahava Rabba, played with hands Ahava Rabba Ahava Rabba, played with mallets Ahava Rabba D-Integral: scale D-Integral: scale D-Integral, played with hands D-Integral D-Integral, played with mallets D-Integral Mix-Tracks: Into it! – Gomba-Mix-Track, composed, performed and mixed by Emanuel Hauptmann Into it! Gomba-Mix-Track Piano and Gomba - spontane Improsession, nicht optimal ausgesteuert Experiments Klangspiel by Enrico Cielas Klangspiel